Bookie Software and the evolution of gambling

Bookie Software and the evolution of Gambling

Over the last two decades, the introduction of bookie software has accelerated the transformation of one of the world’s most important characteristics. This has allowed the business to reach heights never before imagined.

How a Bookmaker Software became the agent of change

We’ve gone from large call centers with hundreds of men smoking and taking bets on paper with the odds posted on a board to virtual offices with a small staff handling 10 times as many wagers.

Pelican PPH has always been a company that strives to offer outstanding service at a reasonable price. Now that Pelican PPH developers have created stable and reliable software for bookies that meets this goal, Pelican PPH is a reality.

The first sportsbook software was released in the early days. It was stable so long as there were not more than a certain number of users and wagers being placed. If it exceeded that number, the system would crash and lose thousands of transactions.

Today’s bookie platforms are more stable and can process millions of transactions per minute. However, even the most powerful software is not able to run on a slow server.

Pelican PPH’s data centers have generated millions of dollars in revenue. During peak times, the servers can handle five times the workload. As a result, they are never overburdened and never crash during football season.

Pelican PPH doesn’t have one data center; they have two. But that is not all. They also have a global content distribution network (CDN), with caching servers in more than 60 data centers around the world. This means that no matter where you live, our systems will always respond quickly.

Simple: The BEST Technology

Technology is the largest item in Pelican PPH’s annual budget. Twenty years ago, this would have been impossible. But in just a few decades, the industry has moved beyond manual betting and into the digital age. Automating line management is now possible. Previously, all line moves had to be done manually. However, now line managers only need the master profile to move lines. The latest software for bookies has implemented algorithms that allow line managers to do the rest. This single improvement allows Pelican PPH to offer thousands upon thousands of line types and profiles to meet the needs of every agent. 

This means that you can have your own personal customized sportsbook with your own rules, line types, player profiles, and all the other perks without having to invest a million dollars.

The best part about Pelican PPH is that they will continue to look for new technological innovations to improve their services, so you don’t fall behind. Pelican PPH is the biggest advocate for technology in sports betting. Pelican PPH gives you the edge you need to succeed with your online sports betting business. Request a quote today.

How do you choose the best PPH Sportsbook Software provider?

You must ensure that you make the right decision when deciding the backend of your sportsbook business.

Pay-per-head software providers allow you to focus on your business and gaining more customers. Providers should provide excellent service and be reliable.

Make sure that you have a trial before you begin to use the software. Sign up now for a free 4-week trial at Pelican PPH.

Are you ready? Pelican PPH will give your players a boost in satisfaction with the best bookie software out there. To get immediate assistance, click on “live chat” or call us at 1-877-745-2303. You can reach us at any hour of the day or night in English or Spanish.

Just one phone call to the PPH deal of your dreams! Learn more about the benefits of becoming a Bookie, requirements to become a bookie and FAQs on Per Head. Follow Us on Social Media to Learn more about Pelican PPH Bookie Software.

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