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Managing your own Pay Per Head business has never been easier! Keep a TIGHT watch on ALL the action with Pelican’s complete bundle of agent administration tools, such as line-management options, and detailed action reports.

  • Player profiles: Customizable 100% online; plus, handle your own players’ rules.
  • Line-type promos for your clients: Create a reduce-juice day or time period promos for slow days, and offer them only to the players you want.

White-label your brand and create your own website with the help of our experts.

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PelicanPPH was designed with BIG agents in mind.

Treat your players to the BEST pay per head services.

BIG agents, LISTEN UP!

Player base sizes of 500+ players are charged ONLY $3 per head, while those with 2 to 499 players are charged $10 instead. You’ll ALWAYS get the SAME excellent service, no matter the size.

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Pay per head services with PelicanPPH are intuitive and proactive; they are fine-tuned to give you exactly the support your business needs when you need it the most. From an extensive tool kit, to a vast collection of products and developers, to an unstoppable customer service, we’re there for you. But don’t take our word for it…

Enjoy all the amazing agent tools, extensive reports, top-notch sports lines, and the unbeatable customer support at absolutely NO COST, during the first 3 WEEKS* of your agent membership with PelicanPPH.

PPH Sports

Keep your online board FULL at ALL times with EVERY action option in the world!

PelicanPPH offer more than 70,000 pre-match events monthly, covering all US, LATAM, and Euro Sports and leagues.

With our top-of-the-line Live Wagering Software, the action never ends with PELICANPPH! Your players will have access to countless live events with hundreds of betting options.

Live Wagering has quickly become a major player in the sports gaming industry and a must for your business.

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Pre-Match and Live Sports


Virtual & Live Games


There’s NEVER a dull moment, with PelicanPPH’s VAST collection of game options, for lovers of the LIVE & virtual action experiences.

Get all the classics with our basic virtual platform at only $3 per-head, and grow your offering’s size by adding more game developers from our extensive list of providers.


The props builder

The props builder is a product that has revolutionized the betting industry.

Players are able to choose the prop lines that they like the most and create their own parlays and combinations.

The product  offers all major US sports plus all major leagues around the world.

Boasting a healthy hold of 15% this is a no brainer for your business.

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A weekly free regardless of the number of players under you.

Props Builder


Horse & Hounds


Don’t miss out on all the sweet HORSE RACING action with PelicanPPH’s powerful racebook, that covers EVERY major track in North America, Europe, Asia, and beyond.

Get INSTANT racing updates with our Horses Manager, and review entries, scratches, and past results; modify your player’s racing options and monitor their day-to-day performance with our expert reporting tools.

Check out the complete list of available racing tracks by click on the button below.


PPH Software Solution

The LARGEST bit of online action takes place on MOBILE.

PelicanPPH’s expert pay per head services are all mobile-friendly, and can be easily managed from most popular mobile devices, including the latest high-tech smartphones and tablets.

Stay always on top of your players’ every move from the comfort of your portable device, and provide your customers an easy-to-use mobile action platform* (Android & iOS-compatible. Restrictions apply.)

Mobile Friendly


Quick & Easy Banking


SOLID Banking options are a MUST for a successful pay per head business.

PelicanPPH provides you with a comprehensive list of funding alternatives, including the popular cryptocurrencies Bitcoin and Ethereum, plus the more traditional P2P transfers & bankwires.

See the complete list of payment options below, and don’t hesitate to contact us for more information by clicking on LIVE Chat.


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