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About Us Pelican PPH


Pelican PPH is one of the better-known operators in the Pay Per Head industry, with nearly two decades of experience in the very complex niche of online action. Here is all about us.

Its many top notch services were built with BIG agents in mind, but they can be just as effective for customer bases of every other size.

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Register your new agent account on Pelican Pay-Per-Head and gain instant access to:

  • 100% web/mobile-friendly agent & player platforms.
  • 24/7, all-year-round online action.
  • Highest quality PPH products, including complete admin toolsfully-customizable player profiles and expert line management.
  • Create your own website: Develop your OWN action platform with the help of our experts.
  • Highly-trained Support Staff.

What are you waiting for? Give a BOOST to your players’ satisfaction with Pelican PPH. Click on LIVE Chat for immediate help or call us toll-free at 1-877-745-2303. Our representatives can speak both English & Spanish and are available all 24 hours of the day.

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