Pelican PPH Terms and conditions

Pelican PPH Terms, Conditions and Privacy Policy

Before pledging your agent business to Pelican PPH, make sure to read and fully acknowledge the following Terms, Conditions and our Privacy Policies.

IMPORTANT: If you don’t agree with any of the below stated, please desist in making use of PelicanPPH’ services.

Pelican PPH Terms & Conditions

1- About your privacy

In short, PelicanPPH will not sell or deal commercially with any data collected via its website, whether it be web-browsing details or preferences, transactional records or basic contact information. Our only and main purpose is to present you with the BEST pay per head tools in the industry.

2- About the sharing of sensitive financial information or records.

Much in a similar fashion to our basic Privacy policy above, PelicanPPH Terms will reserve to itself all data collected regarding financial details or transactional records from our agents. We will never disclose any confidential/financial information, unless so formally requested – or ordered – by the competent gubernamental/financial institutions.

3- About taxes and other legal liabilities.

It is SOLELY the responsibility of the agents to report any revenues or earnings to their competent local tax authorities. PelicanPPH will not share any such information with any agencies, nor will assume any liability for any issues stemming from the improper filing of taxation documentation to the pertaining entities.

It is our agents’ exclusive duty to calculate and report their own tax sheets, according to their particular jurisdiction.

4- About PelicanPPH

PelicanPPH has been in the business of professional pay-per-head services for over two decades, and it is headquartered at sunny San Jose in Costa Rica.

PelicanPPH is dedicated to providing per-head agents with top-notch services, that range from a complete menu of sports & entertainment options, detailed action reports, customizable player profiles, website-platform development, and many other valuable services.

Also, PelicanPPH was created with BIG agents in mind, thus, all our high-end PPH products come with a small price tag for agents with larger player base sizes. Agents with 500+ players will be charged only $3 per head, while those with 2-499 players are charged $10 per head.

Regardless of the package selected, all our agents enjoy the exact same products, service and overall benefits. 

5- About the collection of sensitive “identifiable” information

PelicanPPH will keep track of all the activity of its agents, while during the regular use of our online services, including those details pertaining to communication threads with our support team, email correspondence, chat transcripts and other similar instances of interaction. These may include details such as name, telephone number, email address or other typically-rendered personal info.

6- Uses for collected data

All personal & browsing information collected will be used for the following purposes:

  • In the application of corrective measures, updates and improvements to our whole PPH frame, for both agents and players.
  • In transactional processing endeavors (whenever required by the competent processing merchants).
  • In information processing endeavors (registration, accreditation, etc).
  • In the improvement of the marketing campaigns and all advertising values of PelicanPPH.
  • When required for the purposes of direct and prompt communication.
  • And for any other purpose relating directly to the very moment in which the information was supplied.

PelicanPPH Terms will only disclose personal information to:

  • Qualified PelicanPPH employees.
  • Any third party that provides services rendered by PelicanPPH.
  • Potential investors of PelicanPPH

PelicanPPH will make use of all personal information collected in accordance to the internationally agreed-upon regulations for its fair use.  If you have any questions in regards to the uses made of our agents’ personal information, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via LIVE Chat, via telephone (1-877-745-2303), or via email by writing to [email protected].

7- About information retention

PelicanPPH will only store information as long as it serves an active and current purpose. Thus, PelicanPPH will NOT store any sensible personal information past the moment of its natural usefulness within our operating, transacting or marketing frames.

8- Declining contact

PelicanPPH enables its users to DECLINE contact by our marketing team or for other non-essential purposes. You may request your information’s delection directly through our LIVE Chat, via telephone (toll-free at 1-877-745-2303), or via email to [email protected]. Simply make sure to state your wish to be REMOVED from our marketing list.

9- About updates to our terms & privacy policy

The above PelicanPPH Terms and Privacy Policies are subject to change.

PelicanPPH may contact its users in order to notify them about any changes, however, it is NOT under any obligation to do so. For this purpose, we recommend you regularly check this very page (Terms, Conditions & Privacy Policy), in order to stay on top of its current status.

For any additional information, relating to PelicanPPH Terms, Privacy Policy, or any other matter relating to PelicanPPH, feel free to contact us via LIVE Chat,  telephone (1-877-745-2303), or email by writing to [email protected]. Our representatives are waiting on the lines 24/7.

10- About revenue share products.

Pelican PPH will charge its users the agreed REVENUE SHARE percent which may vary from one product to another. The user must always maintain a positive balance to have access to the REVENUE SHARE products. If they generate losses for the user and for Pelican PPH (players win), the REVENUE SHARE percent from Pelican PPH will be credited to the user balance. This amount cannot be requested as a withdrawal, it shall remain in the user’s balance to cover future charges.

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