Pay Per Head FAQs

FAQs about Pay Per Head Software

Not ENTIRELY familiar with the notions of Pay Per Head?

Check out our list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) below and find effective answers to the most common queries by our PPH agents.

FAQs: Is PelicanPPH a sportsbook?

Most certainly NOT.
PelicanPPH is an industry leader in pay-per-head services. We provide a business-oriented approach to all our pay per head clientele and have come up with a terrific bundle of PPH products for prospective agents, regardless of the size of their particular client base.

PelicanPPH stems from a long tradition of legality, and it offers legitimate data processing services for aspiring agents.

Please REMEMBER: Legal frames for online action differ from country to country, therefore, we recommend to always check up on your local applicable laws before engaging in any pay per head ventures.

How much is it “Per Head” with PelicanPPH?


PelicanPPH’s main goal is to cater to BIG agents, and by “big” we’re referring to average-to-large customer base sizes. Agents with 500+ players will be accommodated with a fantastic $3 per head fare, applicable for all active players.

“Smaller” agents (2-499 players) are charged a sum of $10 per head, and they are entitled to the exact SAME high-quality services.

Got a customer base size that differs from the above models? Get in touch with our professional representatives and let them know more about your particular needs. They’ll find the best per-head solution for your players!

Click on LIVE Chat now, or call (toll-free) 1-877-745-2303 for more information and PPH FAQs.

How long has PelicanPPH been in the business?

A very LONG time indeed.

PelicanPPH kicked off operations in 1997, and has kept a steady presence in the pay per head industry ever since, constantly improving and updating its many valuable resources.

It is thanks to this rock-solid reputation that THOUSANDS of agents trust PelicanPPH to handle their customers and data processing needs.

Is PelicanPPH a SAFE operation?

Data integrity is of PARAMOUNT importance to us.

Our agents know that PelicanPPH will always hold their privacy and security in the highest and most sacred regard.

Access to sensitive client information is restricted to high-level employees ONLY, and every online-held and banking transaction is safeguarded by strict security measures.

Why do you NEED PelicanPPH?

PelicanPPH is one of the most inexpensive Pay Per Head operators on the internet, and it provides you with all the high-end features of more pricey services, plus a few other added perks.

Our action menu is one of the LARGEST in the industry, our support staff is ready all 24 hours, 7 days a week, and our many agent & player features will keep you IN CONTROL at all times, via both desktop and mobile-friendly platform versions.

By outsourcing your data processing chores to PelicanPPH, you free yourself from all the tedious chores of running a professional book. Spend more time with the family, travel around the world or just lay back and enjoy life!

With PelicanPPH, you simply pay out and collect.

I’m convinced. What do I do next?

All there’s left to do is to complete the Agent Registration Form, available on the right-hand side of your screen on desktop and below on mobile. Define your Agent Plan and make your first-time balance installment to get started.

How do I fund my account & cash out?

PelicanPPH accepts all popular payment options, including Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies. You can also make direct cash transfers (via P2P), or a traditional bankwire for larger monetary sums.

What should I do if I stumble upon any problems?

Don’t Worry!

PelicanPPH’s representatives are ready to give you a helping hand ALL 24 HOURS OF THE DAY, going round ALL SEVEN DAYS OF THE WEEK for all Pay Per Head FAQs.

How do I get in touch?

Simply click on the LIVE Chat button appearing on screen, call us toll-free at 1-877-745-2303, or send us a brief email message to [email protected]. And don’t hesitate if you have more Pay Per Head FAQs, let us know and learn more about Pelican PPH and Sign Up NOW!