When to Leave Your PPH Operator For a Better Solution

The pay per head business isn’t like most other modern “online” businesses, in the sense that it doesn’t always obey all the most common and implicit rules of internet-held entrepreneurship. Here are the Top reasons when to leave your PPH operator.

For starters, the notion of pay-per-head refers to a type of service that is provided to a very specific grouping of customers, mostly all sharing similar tastes, budgets and preferences. After all, that friendly guy you know, your own neighborhood’s action agent, is probably your personal friend, a good friend of a friend or that colleague at work that always has the best picks for the weekend. In short, pay per head is – and always should be – a la carte action, rendered solely to please and satisfy avid sports fans.

But then comes a moment in the life of every agent hopeful when one is forced to make the harsh decision to switch PPH provider, and to look for better shores for your player group. And since this is actually a fairly commonly-asked question, we took it upon ourselves to provide you with our TOP 3 REASONS TO LEAVE YOUR PAY PER HEAD PROVIDER.

Leave your PPH operator if:

#1-No appreciation for loyalty!

C’mon, give yourself a pat on the back. You’ve been a loyal customer for maybe 2-3 years already, you’ve grown your player list considerably since the very beginning, and you’re still stuck with the same middling-price PPH operator?

Providers of PPH services are well aware of the simple fact that LOYALTY MEANS EVERYTHING, not only in terms of keeping a good comparative image before the wide market as a whole, but most significantly because long-time business deals are the only real bread of this industry. See if you can negotiate a better per head deal with your guy, especially if you’ve kept your business with regular activity during a good portion of time. If they’re unable to accommodate you, feel free to jump boat. There’s always a better deal to be had.

#2-Little desire for improvement

Marriages often fail, not necessarily because there’s some deep detestation between the spouses but because they grow bored of each other. This is a common hindrance in business affairs as well, but the fault in these cases tends most often to fall on a single side, that being the pay per head solution provider itself.

If your operators lacks the “will” to keep up with the trends, to expand on their sports offer, to improve on their mobile platforms, and to continually grow their game collections (to name just a few circumstances), then the time’s also come to pick up your players and take them to a better destination. A company that does not wish to improve itself regularly is not a company you want to give your bucks to in the long term.

#3- Too much down time, too many glitches and/or BAD Customer Service

Some other signs of a relationship’s “downfall” are more evident than others, and “down time” and glitches are amongst the most noticeable.

While it does take some time to monitor your PPH operator to the full extent that it probably requires (at least during the first few months of an agent’s membership), it is extremely important to keep an eye out for technical problems throughout the services, including both the agent and players’ platforms and all their many features. You also want to make sure that they live up to their DDOS attack protection promises (if they ever made any),  and avoid more down time than is actually fair and acceptable.

Lastly, if their support representatives are always a “pest” on the phone to your players, getting their requests wrong, messing up your players’ reports, giving you always the wrong information, and the such, then you should also take this into consideration for an exit. Any PPH operator that shows itself unable to provide a good support platform is probably also neglecting other aspects of his business at the same time. NEXT!

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