-Learning the ropes of proper “action” catering is no easy task.

-Our expert reviews the basic -and not so basic needs- of every respectable PPH runner. 

There are “action” menus, and there are “crappy” ones too!

What is an action menu? You may now be wondering now.

By the term we’re referring to the complete portfolio of online action possibilities offered by the many available pay per head solutions; while some are very complete and impressive, others are plainly depressing, and should probably cease to operate all-together. 

Why is it important to have a good menu going on? Well, simply because your action options are literally the bread & butter of your business: The more varied options you have, the happier and bigger your clientele. IT DOES NOT PAY TO BE STINGY WITH YOUR OFFER.

But it isn’t always easy to determine whether your PPH provider has all you need, for it DOES take a fairly big amount of time to assess and test the available options, There IS however a quick and effective way to determine if your prospective operator has everything that’s required: Check out the next useful tips. 

Football, Basketball, Hockey and Baseball won’t suffice

Yes. These last four categories have been -and remain to be- the strongest action options in the industry: They’re constant, reliable and are well-grounded in arbitration and management; all the better, they all count at least with ONE major national league, with a regular seasonal schedule, playoffs fase and an exciting finals closing. However, if our interest is to remain current and “on the groove” with things and trends, then, you will need a little more than that.

On top of making sure that your PPH solution will carry the basic prices for the above disciplines, you ought to make sure there will also be an ample assortment of propositions, futures, pools and whatever other action ticket known to man. PLAYERS WILL LOOK FOR THIS, and will feel strongly disappointed if they’re nowhere to be found. Let’s be honest: Nobody wants to hear a 10-minute rag on the phone because they didn’t get a “coin toss” price they were expecting. 

A quick questionnaire with the available Chat representative will probably suffice. 

Esports, Esports and MORE Esports

Where have you been the past 10 or so years?

If “under a cave” is your answer, then odds are you probably don’t know what esports is.

Esports, in essence, refers to all the professional video game sporting leagues, with all its many genre classifications and unique characteristics. 

Let’s try to give you a super-quick summary course: Most popular video games of our day fall into four “gameplay” categories. These are first-person shooters, multiplayer battle arenas, strategic and outright battle-royals. On this first classification we can fit games like the ‘Counter Strike’ series and ‘VALORANT’, while ‘League of Legends’ and ‘DOTA’ belong to the second and third species; games like ‘Overwatch’ are a mix of the first two, and ‘Fortnite’ is widely known as the most kick-ass battle-royale experience out there. 

Then there’s also the technicality of the type of prices offered in the Esports field, for they’re DEFINITELY not the type of thing most people are used to. You will find terms like “first kill” (referring to the first player to take down another during a match), and Map # prices, referring to particular stakes on for any one team -or player- to win one particular “map”. What is a “Map”? Simply the “Battle Arena” stage/round in which the action will take place; some matches will feature a number of maps (rounds) that range from a single one, to multiple ones (in most cases from 3 to 5 total maps played.)

Once again, a brief consultation on the esports facts with your preferred PPH rep will probably do. 

Entertainment +

No, all the above won’t be nearly enough. You’ll also need every other “playable” situation happening anywhere; namely, you should look for prices on all the major award shows, reality TV competitions, not-so-predictable hit TV shows and all the rest. Keep in mind that, though most fans of pay-per-head action are male, the trends are now changing, and though still slow in motion, with every passing day, more and more women choose to enter the field. 

In action terms, though not mandatory, diversity is a good notion to include into your menu-building strategy. 

You can learn these and other useful tenets of GOOD PAY PER HEAD BUSINESS, by reading PelicanPPH’s expert PPH blog. Until the next time.