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You’re a sportsbook agency, or independent bookie, toughing it out and wanting to lift off, but there’s only so much you can do with your limited resources or knowledge… or both. Well, it’s high time you got off your haunches and get a REAL overview of The Pay-Per-Head Way.

Seeing we’re all up to our heads with the Internet –it’s here to stay for good– there comes a time when you want to ask yourself as a sportsbook business and/or independent bookie if you’re actually doing everything you can to take advantage of your business and make it thrive. Are you still going about the small-time way, getting non-stop phone calls and receiving text messages? You may want to ask yourself first: how long can I keep this up without diving head-first into burnout? Am I actually nose-diving into a commitment that will backfire on me?

Moreover, are you trying to get ahead in an environment that’s overloaded with wagering businesses, small-time shops that are probably ruining it for everybody by cutting corners and selling their customers short? Which also gets you thinking: how much do I have to invest to get the know-how that will help me get my head out of this never-ending vicious circle?

Well, there’s toughing it out the old way, or you can really feel your dollars by taking up Pay-Per-Head services.  Pay-per-head services are definitely the way to go in this Internet era, an era which came as an overwhelming information tsunami that took over and decided everyone’s future for them, including businesses. Since the Internet put the whole world on display, it has become the surefire way to reach every corner of the globe; in other words, to help expand a business… any business.

PPH services take up where sportsbook agencies and/or bookies are to tired, too overwhelmed, or too resourceless to rise. PPH services pick up the slack and go the extra mile not only to expand a business, but also to help their owners get a shot at a normal personal life without neglecting their prize possession. There are so many useful tools offered by PPH agencies to provide maintenance, such as daily reports and dedicated call centers that handle bookie/player queries, player activities software, and all of this through the Internet, online. If you’re still not sure of taking the leap, check out these items that make the case:

  • Expand, expand, expand. Businesses need to expand or go home. You can’t stay the same forever and expect your business to keep up a good face. You need Internet presence in order to make your business grow and this is just the start. PPH services provide exactly that.

  • For a world immersed in online activities, you really need to keep up with the times. So many of your customers will be very grateful to be able to carry out their transactions in a stage they have mastered in the short time the Internet has been around.

  • Speaking of expansion, the cost of expanding your business is pretty low if you let a pph expert handle your daily business; no hassle for you and all the technology you need to make your business thrive at a fraction of the cost this would mean to you otherwise.

  • Need to white-label your brand and create your own website? A PPH provider like Pelican PPH will offer you juicy ways to maintain the upkeep of your business, because the tools are there, the onnection is there, and it’s just a matter of settling down to enjoy it for a small fee per player.|

  • Still not quite convinced? Well, it’s a fact that most people are wont to look for convenience and comfort when it comes to checking their wagers and lines, and placing their bets, and this is tantamount to being online. As this entails having to foot the costs of learning about marketing and web design, something most of us don’t have the time or the resources to carry out, you need the next best thing: PPH services, which you can try out in demo mode and continue for a small fee per head. This way, you don’t have to go out of your way to deal with technology, or to learn a new something that might be good for you but it’s not exactly your cup of tea. Besides the technology, we’ve got the security factor covered, so there really isn’t much room for doubt!

  • Call centers are one of the star services provided by a PPH agency, which provide you and your player base round-the-clock coverage. Nomore pressing questions, issues, or lost wagers. There’s a dedicated call center on-the-go for your convenience, to give your business a professional look-and-feel that your customers will appreciate.

  • Besides all the perks we have been mentioning, there’s a great double-benefit that you get from paying for PPH services: peace of mind and a personal life. Think of it: there’s an external associate who has your back and relieves you of the stress of stepping up to bat, plus it gives you more time for yourself and family or friends. In other words, it gives you your life back. Avoid burnout and distancing from your family while your PPH provider takes care of things and helps your business grow. For a small fee per player? Sign me up!

  • Pay-per-head services can be, and will always be, the leg to stand on, but alas, there are many PPH agencies that are not quite what they should be. These could ruin your business if you’re not careful, and here’s where we come in: PelicanPPH. We are a tried and true PPH services provider that continuously goes out of its way to cater to your needs. All the bullets you just read? That’s us. That’s our offer to you.

Pay-Per-Head Way Services: Saving by Spending?

Let’s put it this way: if you were to brush up on your marketing, technology, website management, hire more staff and try to grow from scratch, the cost would be monumental, and you would have to foot it. That’s the beauty of pay-per-head services: for a fraction of the cost, you will get those needs covered without having to make the investment yourself. Sure, there’s the weekly fee you would have to pay per customer, but if you play your cards right (and it’s so EASY to do) the PPH services you pay for may very well pay for themselves in the short run, especially with options like a full-blown casino and a horse racebook with which to round out your income!

There’s More to Being a Bookie…

Becoming a bookie and running a sportsbook are not as easy as they are cut out to be. Between lines, wagers, types of players, limits, props and a myriad other things that you have to have under control, it’s not just about accepting bets and seeing who lost or won.

And even if you do have mad skills regarding the wagering business, the competition is harsh and the costs for running this type of business are out of this world. Which is why, we insist, it’s best to have technology and expertise at your service when dealing with a delicately-balanced business in its make-or-break moments. Turning to a well-oiled, expert PPH provider is a straightforward way of accepting you need to set up your priorities and that you need help, too. It’s a jungle out there, and you need a right-hand man beside you.

Get your business in gear with a PPH provider like us: at Pelican PPH, we have researched and set up a top-of-the-line array of PPH online tools to help you make it through the lowest moments and also ride the high waves when they show up. This is the time when you should really accept all the help you can get, and for a price per head, we will give you the peace of mind and the chance to live your life you have been wanting, while your business rises and grows. PelicanPPH is all about the solution.

Try us out at PELICAN PPH; there’s only one way to find out, so give us a call! 1-877-745-2303

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