Your sportsbook engine can be powered

Your Sportsbook engine can be powered

The online gambling industry is competitive, and only the best betting platforms are available to bookmakers. No matter how fast you pay your players, if your online betting business site doesn’t have a strong sportsbook engine, your chances of success are slim.

Sportsbook engine: Improve the user experience

Pelican PPH is the leader in pay-per-head betting services because they sought the best yet most flexible betting engine. They have been able to maintain their position at the top of this pyramid year after year thanks to the added value they offer, but it is their enhanced user experience that makes them truly outstanding.

Instant gratification has been a human desire since the beginning of time. Online technology is designed to provide quick and pleasant experiences that allow users to feel satisfied. Research has shown that people feel a need for happiness when they are satisfied with a transaction. They are more likely to want to experience the same feeling again and again.

Bookie Agents

Pelican PPH agents can attest to the amazing benefits of using a flexible tool that is stable and powerful enough to process millions of minutes through various channels. These channels include the mobile betting interface or the online betting interface.

The platform for betting has one of the most popular features. It allows bookmakers to manage all channels via a simple backend. Pelican PPH partners with many vendors to offer the wide variety of services that players and agents love. However, integration is difficult for these vendors, so most pay-per-head companies avoid offering the best possible betting solutions.

Pelican PPH has a full-time developer team, and their gambling software platform flexibility allows them to integrate all the different vendors into one backend. This gives agents a clear view of their whole operation without needing to use multiple accounts.

Agents and sub-agents have a fantastic user experience, which reduces administrative work by a third. The player side benefits from having access to all products and a betting portal that allows them to view:

  • Lines
  • Place wagers
  • View all pending bets
  • Check their balance.
  • Receive notifications from their agents.
  • You can bet from anywhere in the world using any device that has internet access. Their user experience is unbeatable, allowing you to place more wagers.

Although it may seem insignificant to many, having a strong engine behind the scenes is crucial. It is what makes a service great. Selecting a betting platform for bookmakers that only benefits the line managers and neglects the end users is a waste of time. Pelican PPH has the best solution because it puts the customer first.

Agents who switch to Pelican PPH have an average profit increase of 25%, regardless of their book size. Join the best team in sports betting, power your sportsbook engine, and see your PPH business expand. Learn when to change your PPH Operator solution.

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