Asset to Your Sportsbook

Pelican PPH’s Events Are an Asset to Your Sportsbook

Pelican PPH’s 70,000+ Monthly Pre-Match Events Are an Asset to Your Sportsbook

As a bookie or sportsbook operator, one of your greatest challenges will be keeping customers engaged and coming back for more. One effective strategy to keep this happening is offering an expansive selection of pre-match events covering all major sports and leagues. Pelican PPH’s pay-per-head service boasts over 70,000 monthly pre-match events, which is truly revolutionary for any bookie or sportsbook operator. In this blog post, we’ll examine why Pelican PPH stands out and how its services can help grow with the best asset to your Sportsbook.

Unmatched Variety of Pre-Match Events

Pelican PPH’s pre-match events stand out with their unrivaled variety, from major US sports like the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL to popular European leagues like the Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, and Bundesliga—not forgetting other sports such as NHL, tennis, nascar, golf, MMA boxing, or even eSports! Bookies can offer their customers more choices than ever before to keep them engaged and happy!


Another benefit of Pelican PPH’s pre-match events is their ease of integration into any existing sportsbook platform. Bookies can quickly and seamlessly incorporate their user-friendly APIs to integrate this pre-match event offering without disrupting existing operations, meaning customers can begin accessing more match events instantly!

Real-Time Analytics for Pre-Match Events

Pelican PPH’s offering stands out in its ability to effectively manage risk and maximize profits with real-time analytics. Their state-of-the-art technology gives bookies access to an in-depth view of pre-match events and associated odds, giving bookies the power to make informed decisions regarding which events and at what odds to offer, thus mitigating risk while increasing profits—key elements to long-term success for bookies.

Increase Customer Loyalty

By providing customers with more pre-match events than ever before, bookmakers can increase customer retention and loyalty. Customers tend to remain with sportsbooks that provide them with events they are interested in instead of switching to competitors with lesser offerings; with Pelican PPH’s 70,000+ monthly match events, bookies can ensure customers remain fully engaged and fulfilled.

Pelican PPH’s monthly pre-match event offerings of over 70,000 are an unrivaled advantage to any sportsbook operation, providing unmatched variety, ease of integration, real-time analytics, and customer loyalty benefits that bookies can leverage to take their business to new heights. If you are an independent bookie or sportsbook operator seeking to expand and retain customers while keeping costs under control, why not give Pelican PPH pay-per-head services a try today?

How to pay your Pay-per-Head Bookie Business?

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