Why Betting With Bitcoin Is the Future of Sports Gambling

Why Betting with Bitcoin is the Future of Sports Gambling

Do You Know About the Bitcoin Gambling Advantages?

If you’re a pay per head agent and you don’t know about Bitcoin, then you could be missing out on the biggest opportunity since the online bookie business was created. So here we tell you about betting with Bitcoin and its advantages.

The stage is set for cryptocurrencies taking over the world and the way sportsbooks manage financial transactions and how players fund their betting accounts.

Why Betting With Bitcoin is the Future of Sports Gambling

If you’re still not convinced of the benefits of offering your players the option of betting using Bitcoin let’s take a look at some of them.

The first thing to do is be aware that accepting payments from players who bet isn’t easy. Certain countries make it extremely difficult for bookmakers to run their businesses, by limiting their payment methods when they are intended for use in betting.

It doesn’t matter if your players make the decision to place bets using their funds, the reality is that there are many restrictions and limitations on financial transactions that involve gambling.

It’s a challenge that the sportsbook industry in offshore has faced for many years, despite the millions of millions of dollars that are bet every year on online casino, sports and various other kinds of wagering.

As a local bookie you may, and likely will take cash or provide credit to your customers when they are looking to make a bet in the same way as it has been since the invention of gambling.

But, it’s clear that accepting cash, or providing credit has its own drawbacks, among that is the ability of scaling your enterprise beyond the local level.

Pay per Head Sportsbook benefits

It’s been a few years that local bookies are now online and increase their operations by offering an online sportsbook that is pay per head like that offered by Pelican PPH.

It is evident that the days when local bookies would take bets on handing out a secret back office that was connected to a telephone line are over. The Internet has provided a whole new realm of possibilities for bookies.

Today, you can direct your customers on your Pelican PPH web site where their bets will be monitored, recorded and graded without lifting one finger (except when you need to collect or payout).

As a local bookie you’ll always have an advantage over sportsbooks that are offshore because they allow their customers to place bets using credit. There are many people who do not want to sign up for credit cards or transfer money to an offshore location.

The ability to manage the pay-per-head of your choice will give you all the equipment you’ll need to run your sportsbook as an elite casino.

However, wouldn’t it be great to accept payments at the same ease when you used cash?

Wouldn’t you love it to have the benefits of a sportsbook that is post-up, but not have to face the problems associated the payment processing companies?

It would be a dream when you could give your players a secure, safe and almost anonymous method for them to pay you money each week at the touch of one button?

Enter Bitcoin

What’s the big deal about Bitcoin? To put it simply, Bitcoin is cash for the Internet.

Imagine if your customers could visit a teller and place a bet in cash, and you were able to pay them in cash immediately when the bet is assessed without needing to do anything other than that, do you feel it would be beneficial for you? Absolutely, Bitcoin allows you to achieve exactly this.

Prior to Bitcoin it was not feasible through the Internet.

Bitcoin gives your customers an extremely secure, safe fast, almost anonymous option to deposit funds into their accounts and place bets.

It’s like an actual face-to-face meeting where you cash in to make a bet and then collect or pay out once the game has been assessed.

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