Seven Reasons for Becoming a Bookie

Seven Reasons for Becoming a Bookie

Do you wonder if being a bookie can give you the return you are looking for? These numbers are worth a look. Here are 7 reasons for Becoming a Bookie.

Hotshot! Do you know how to fill out parlay cards? Are you able to handicap with the best? It’s a very lucrative business to gamble on sports.

Make Money as a Successful Bookie

Why spend your time trying to defeat the man when you could be the man? You can make a lot of money if you are a sharp person. It’s easier than ever to gamble legally.

The Juice

Bookies make their money by making “juice,” also known as “vig.” Let’s suppose you have a spread football bet with -110 odds for both sides. This means that a player must wager $110 in order to win $100.

The bookie wins $5 for every $100 of bets, while the gambler loses $5. Imagine taking thousands of bets at this price.

Increase Payments

Bookies used to operate on a cash-only basis back in the day. Why? It was illegal to gamble on sports outside Nevada. It is now legal in many other states.

Online sports betting sites and casinos make a lot of money by allowing players to use their debit cards to place bets. They also take all the money upfront.

You can become a bookie and expand your payment options beyond cash. With pay-per-head software, you can debit, credit, or use bitcoin.


The best online betting software gives you and your team the most precise lines. You’re sharp if you can spot the soft lines.

Do not let others control the lines. You can control the lines to maximize your profit if you own an online sports betting site.

Take advantage of the market.

Online betting is a great option, but it’s always better to have a real relationship. Before legalization, bookies and gamblers were like one-two men. It was possible to do business by phone. You made the payment in person.

The big boys are taking in all the online action these days. They shouldn’t be allowed to. Sports betting is an industry worth $150 billion annually. A personalized book has enormous potential.

You can make the odds work in your favor.

Sports betting odds are bad for gamblers because of their high vig. It’s simple. It’s a game of probabilities. You don’t get the chance to actually play the game as a gambler.

The statistical advantage that bookies have over gamblers is undisputed.

You can win the losing battle.

A sports gambler must win 52.4% or more of their bets to break even at -110 odds. This is what you already know. It’s rare to find enough smarts and skill to make a long-term profit.

Your players will lose most of their money. You win when they lose.

A book that is simply awesome can be made.

It’s simple, think about it. You know what draws you to a particular book if you are a gambler. You can open your online sportsbook using great pay-per head software. This allows you to access standard lines, props, and bonuses just like the big books.

It’s never been easier to become a bookie.

These are the reasons that being a bookie could make you a lot of money. You might have thought of the other side if you are a sports gambler. You can, thanks to Pelican PPH’s excellent pay-per-head platform.

There has never been a better time for bookies. Get a free Pay per Head demo of our bookie software and find out what we have to offer.

What does it take to build your Bookie Company?

It’s time for you to join the growing world of sports betting. This is how to become a bookie agent.

Did you know that the online gambling market is expected to grow to over US $92.9 billion by 2023? It is currently worth almost $59 billion. This means it will nearly double over the next two years.

This means that now is the right time to be a bookie. This business isn’t as simple as people think.

How to create a bookie site?

What is a “bookie agent”? Bookies provide odds for games, which adds an additional element to betting. A profitable and successful business can be yours if you do it right.

As you can see, the market for sports betting is expanding rapidly. It’s time to jump in. This is everything you need to know in order to be a bookie agent.

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