NFL Schedule 2022 Preview PPH Tips

The NFL schedule is out and fans are looking to find out if their teams are playing their rivals or their most loved players. Find your local schedule and find home games that you would like to see live or if there are interesting matchups that you’d like to bet on. Here is your NFL Schedule 2022 Preview.

NFL Schedule 2022 Preview

Although the league strives to keep the schedules as equal as possible between each team, it’s not possible to do that. Here are a few schedules of teams that differ from the others.

Kansas City Chiefs

In terms of expected wins against opponents, the Chiefs are the most difficult team in football. The first three of their four games are on the road. There have been 12 wins during their previous four seasons, but they’re not expected to keep the streak going this year.

The team has also been AFC West Division champs for the past six years, but they’re not likely to be able to maintain their position. The biggest question is which team is going to be able to catch them. The Raiders? The Chargers?

Los Angeles Rams

The Rams have the most challenging schedule for strength. In addition, the road schedule they play is extremely difficult. However, they played the second-toughest schedule of strength this season and managed to be successful in winning 12 of their games. It’s a tough one, but then you have the Rams.

Green Bay Packers

Their schedule isn’t anything special or bad. However, I included them here due to an unbeaten streak of three consecutive seasons of 13 wins. This didn’t help them reach the playoffs, but they do have the chance of having four consecutive 13-win seasons. This could depend on how they perform in the matchup against the Buffalo Bills in Week 8. Week 8 features the Buffalo Bills.

Washington Commanders

On the other end of the spectrum are the Commanders, who play the most straightforward schedule in the NFL. There are some tough teams to take on, including their opponents, which include the Cowboys, Titans, 49ers, Browns, and Packers. Last year they faced six quarterbacks that finished within the top 10 in total QBR. However, this year they’ll only have to face two. Should that be enough to increase their numbers and keep them reasonably fit?

Matchups to Add to Your Calendar

Certain games on the 2022 NFL schedule preview could be the best matchups this season. There are probably several others, but I’d mark these on my calendar if I were in your shoes. Bettors may want to place bets on these games even though they aren’t their teams of choice.

Los Angeles Chargers at Las Vegas Raiders, Week 13.

Their clash during Week 18 of 2021’s season resulted in the Raiders’ triumph in overtime, thanks to an extra point from the field. The game ended up being a lot closer than it was when it first began. The Chargers had been eliminated from the playoffs after that one field goal.

Both teams will be fighting to win the top spot in their respective divisions prior to the game. There will be a battle ahead because the Chargers are looking to get an opportunity to repay.

Green Bay Packers at Buffalo Bills, Week 8

I’ve added this game to the list due to the fact that Green Bay should do well this year in a division that is building itself. However, seeing how the old Aaron Rodgers does against the NFL’s next quarterback, Josh Allen, will provide a better idea.

It’s a game of strong offensives. Both defenses will be full.

Kansas City Chiefs at Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Week 4.

In the game during Super Bowl LV, it was expected to be a game that was close. The result was not. In addition to seeing the now-retired Tom Brady play at top form, with an explosive offense, however, Patrick Mahomes was kept in control throughout the game. The Chiefs were able to score nine points.

I’m sure they convinced Brady to step from retirement to play an appropriate match. The bookies at sports will be busy with this one.

Buffalo Bills at Kansas City Chiefs in Week 6.

The Bills as well as the Chiefs appear in this spot twice. The last time they played in the 2021 season, the Chiefs were victorious in overtime in what was regarded as the greatest football match of the season. The coin toss that occurred during overtime led the league to alter the rules.

We’re fortunate to have an event of this quality just one year later, featuring two of the top quarterbacks in the NFL, which includes Allen and Mahomes. Also, consider that Buffalo is expected to be victorious in this year’s Super Bowl this season, and you’ve got a thrilling game on the way to making it.

NFL Betting Trends

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