PPH Horse Racing Guide for Beginner Bookies

PPH Horse Racing Guide for Beginner Bookies

This is a great place to start if you are new to horse racing and PPH. Learn all about the industry.

Horse racing has a rich history that dates back to 1000 BC. There are many examples of horse racing and its jockeys being bet on, from the Roman chariot races to the Greek Olympiad.

It is still possible to make a living as a pay-per-head horse racing bookie. Reach a worldwide audience, grow your sportsbook, and make money. Continue reading to find out more about PPH horse racing platforms and why they are a smart investment.

Why become a PPH horse racing bookie?

It’s a great idea to become a bookie, as they can make a lot of money. You can make anywhere from $5000 to $10,000 per week if you sign up more than 100 players. Even if you have only a handful of players, you can expect to make a decent living.

Why should horse racing be the main focus of your sportsbook? This is because horse racing is a constant pastime in an ever-changing economy.

Horse betting is a very popular sport all over the globe. Because dressing up for a race is an easy way to feel confident and look classy, it’s a social event that everyone loves. Horse racing is also a fast affair, with races lasting around 13 seconds. This means that the adrenaline rush can be intense when you place a wager on horses.

Horse betting is popular because it is easy to research. There are many places online where you can learn more about horses and jockeys, as well as mobile apps. You also have the option of visiting your favorite betting sites. It is also possible to learn more about horses, their ages, and jockeys’ experiences in order to place informed bets.

Sportsbook Expansion Opportunities

Horse betting is more popular in the US than it is within the US. The UK has a market worth billions of pounds for horse racing, making it one of the most popular sports events in this powerful nation. Many people will place large bets on horse racing events in the UK, even if they don’t gamble.

Dubai is another country that loves horse racing. The Meydan Racecourse is the UAE’s biggest racetrack and serves as a symbol of horse betting in the UAE.

Japan is a leader in horse racing. It hosts over 20,000 races each year, making it the most popular sport in Japan. Each year, they host the Japan Cup with $5.8 million in potential winnings.

How does it affect you?

Horse betting allows you to expand your sportsbook globally. It is possible to work both outside and within the US, increasing your potential reach as a bookie. You can advertise other popular sports to people overseas once you have attracted them with your racing.

You can collect more money by expanding internationally. Pelican PPH websites support bitcoin payments, so you don’t have to convert currencies. Our round-the-clock phone center will also keep you in touch with international players so that long-distance calls are not costly.

How Does Pay Per Head Horse Racing Software Work?

Software that charges per head (PPH) is an online platform for bookies. A template can be used to create a website, or you can use your own ideas. The site is then launched and acts as a hub for players to see scores and place bets on sports and events.

Horse racing bookies will likely have certain races that you can bet on. The horses that you can place money on will be displayed to your players. You can also view previous scores and track how the horses are doing in real-time.

Bettors can link a debit card, PayPal, Venmo eWallet, or virtual bitcoin wallet to their accounts on a PPH platform. They can see how much money they have bet as well as how much they owe. Pelican PPH software enables transparency on both the player and agent ends, allowing everyone to see who owes whom money.

It is called PPH horse racing

Perlican PPH software is named such because you, as an agent, pay Pelican PPH’s specialists to manage your website. Instead of a flat fee, we will charge you around $10 per player you sign up. You may have to pay a little more if you need additional features. However, it will still be within the $10–20 range.

Your platform is highly adaptable. This allows you to be flexible and avoid paying for players that aren’t there. You will never have to spend more money than you make as a horse betting bookie.

This is Why It Is Beneficial

PPH platforms can be managed completely by Pelican PPH. Pelican PPH updates your platform automatically as backend technology changes. We make sure you have the best platform available.

Your PPH website can be linked to other race-monitoring websites. This will give you and your players real-time scores as well as specific information about the races they have bet on.

Instant Wins and Losses

Horse races take only 13 seconds, as we mentioned earlier. This means that within minutes of placing bets, your bettors and you will know who owes whom what money.This efficient system makes payouts quick and easy.

You must have a system to pay your players. PPH platforms allow players to connect their wallets with you remotely and to send money in a variety of ways. This includes cryptocurrency, which ensures secure, untraceable transactions.

It’s time for you to find out why being a pay-per-head horse racing bookie is a great decision. Contact us to get your 6-week complimentary trial on Pelican PPH’s highly-designed platform.

No-cost assistance will be provided by our experts to help you create and launch a PPH website for your horse betting company. You can also rest assured that this trial is completely free and without obligation. We are eager to hear from our customers soon so we can help you build your sportsbook and ensure your success.

Get the best Horse Racing Betting Platform

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