Pelican PPH Racebook Software

Pelican PPH’s Racebook Software

Can Improve Your Workflow during the Triple Crown

Triple Crown season can be one of the busiest times of the year for bookies, with horse racing enthusiasts placing bets all year long. To stay ahead of competition and manage workload more efficiently, Pelican PPH’s racebook software provides a reliable platform that streamlines workflow – this article explores how it can save time and reduce stress during Triple Crown season.

Grading Bets with Racebook Software

Grading bets is one of the most time-consuming tasks for bookies, yet with Pelican PPH’s racebook betting platform this process can now be automated to save you time and reduce errors from human oversight. Our horse racing software automatically calculates payouts and updates player accounts so you can focus on other tasks while we take over for you!

Instant Player Activity Reports

Pelican PPH’s racebook software also boasts instant player activity reports to keep an eye on player behavior in real time and see what they have bet in real-time, which allows you to identify high-risk players or opportunities for cross-selling quickly so you can take appropriate actions. You can use this data to adjust lines and odds accordingly for increased profitability while managing risk better.

Instant Player Activity Reports

Real-Time Bet Tickets mes Triple Crown season can be dauntingly busy for racebooks. Pelican PPH’s racebook software provides real-time bet tickets to help stay organized and keep tabs on which bets have been placed and wagered, reducing missed or ungraded bets as well as providing greater control of your platform.

Racebook Software Success Stories

Bookies who use Pelican PPH’s racebook software during Triple Crown season have already seen great results using it to streamline their workflow and stay ahead of their workload and risk more efficiently. One bookie reported using its automated grading feature to save them over 15 hours per week of work while real-time bet tickets helped manage risk more efficiently – testaments to Pelican PPH’s racebook software helping streamline bookies workflow during this busiest time of year.

Pelican PPH’s racebook software offers bookies a number of distinct advantages that can help them save time, reduce stress, and stay ahead of the competition during Triple Crown season. Features like automated grading, instant player activity reports, real-time bet tickets and automated grading help bookies manage workload more efficiently while optimizing profitability—ideal if looking to streamline workflow during this busy time of year! Don’t let workload overwhelm you; use Pelican PPH’s racebook software instead to stay one step ahead!

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How do Bookies Make Money on Horses?

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