Increase your income by working around the clock.

Increase your income by 24/7 Bookie Service.

The world is awake when one hemisphere is about to call it an end while the other is just starting a new day. We are closer now thanks to technology. There are no time or geographical limitations, and we can see games being played across the globe on our TVs and mobile devices. Pelican PPH is here to help you increase your income by 24/7 Bookie Service.

Do not miss a beat.

With so many things going on around the globe, why would anyone want to limit their potential to make more by working for a company that charges per head but does not offer a complete 24/7 booking service?

Although they claim to be available 24/7, did you notice how the quality of the odds decreased after hours? PPH sites hire their best people during the day and then hire additional bodies to fill in the seats and watch over things at night.

Pelican PPH is unique because they understand the importance and necessity of clear, solid lines. These should be provided at all times, not just during prime-time.

Because soccer is a popular sport, there are always important games taking place. These are great potential money-making games. It makes no sense to lose money by having poor or unmanaged odds.

Many agents resort to lowering their wager limits at the last minute to avoid being hurt.

It is not an option to contract the services of a pay-per-head company. This has been proven to be a 24/7 Bookie Service with skilled staff who can manage and post sharp betting odds and perform regular risk management tasks to protect your business from potentially dangerous players.

24/7 online betting is possible across Pelican PPH, including the mobile interface. Agents can rest assured that lines at 3:00 a.m. are just as solid and sharp as those at 3:00 p.m.

The Pelican PPH Distinction

As we have mentioned, most companies do not invest in quality line managers for night shifts. These individuals are rare and hard to find.

The requirements for being excellent odds managers and nocturnal creatures are not easy to find. Most competitors don’t have the resources to pay these specialists.

Pelican PPH knew from the beginning that their greatest asset was their people. They pay a lot of money and give many perks to employees who make a difference to their service and add value.

This policy applies to all levels of an organization, including night-shift employees, whom most people consider second-class citizens. Pelican PPH, however, considers them just as important as daytime staff.

What Quality 24/7 Service Does for Agents’ Income

It’s not enough to be able to offer lines 24 hours a day. You must also offer betting limits and very sharp lines. Players become frustrated and lose interest in games that could have brought in huge profits for the agent.

Agents can also be affected if they have full betting limits and neglect the lines. Agents have learned that night shift staff at most high-priced companies is subpar and incompetent. Most night shift workers at competitor sites are not attentive to what is happening; they get distracted easily and can fall asleep at times. Agents can be very costly if they do not pay attention to the lines, even if they have chosen to reduce wagering limits at night.

Real-time grading is another area in which night shift workers fail. Because most people aren’t paying attention, games can be finished and not graded. I have seen instances when players call in to request that a game be graded. This is unacceptable.

The Solution

You can only improve your nighttime performance by switching to the only price per head company that offers the best 24/7 Bookie Service, Pelican PPH.

You get:

  • The industry’s sharpest lines are available every minute of every day, not only during business hours.
  • The best customer service in the industry is available 24/7 Bookie Service.
  • Most innovative mobile betting platform.
  • Every month, there is more live betting than any other type of gambling.
  • This network is comparable to those of companies such as Google or Apple.
  • Top industry experts with years of experience and dedication are available to you 24/7.
  • This solution is the most economical per-head solution. 

When to Leave Your PPH Operator For a Better Solution

Switching is easier than ever. Pelican PPH offers new agents an amazing offer: Three weeks of free service; no other pay-per-head service offers such a deal heading into the off season. So hurry and register today in order to take advantage of this incredible offer.

Contact one of their friendly account managers today for more information about the services and products offered by Pelican PPH.

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