How to Start a Small Gambling Website

How to Start a Small Gambling Website

If you want to create a small gambling website, then it is best to hire professionals and use a pay-per-head service. This will make it much simpler and more affordable than building and creating your own gambling website. It is not easy to create a website.

You can use a pay-per-head company, such as Pelican PPH. This is a better option and much more affordable. Through their fully integrated professional website, you can bet on any of thousands of sports. They manage all lines in-house, update everything every second, and grade each game as it ends.

As the bookie, you will have your own website that you can log into to manage your players’ limits. You can also see your history of wagers and view all open wagers. It’s very easy to use, and it can also be used on any mobile device.

Website Unique URL + promotion

Pelican PPH also offers a special promotion for creating your own website URL. You will receive a website of your choice, with any logo you choose. A $200 deposit is required. However, the deposit will be used to pay the weekly player fee, which is $10 per player per week. This is far more affordable than spending hundreds of thousands of dollars per week to have your own website.

Pelican PPH will set up the website in less than 24 hours. Once the player logs in, everything will be connected to their player backend. There will be many betting options for your players. Live in-game betting is included in the price. You can also decide between their Premium Live and VIP betting platforms. This enables you to provide your players with a variety of betting options as well as live betting on all sports. This additional feature costs an extra payment per player per week, but only if they use it. It offers so many betting options that it’s like having two websites.

Gambling Website right now.

Once you have your site, you can market it easily by creating personalized business cards and then reaching out to everyone you know. Then you can use social media networks to promote your gambling site.

Gaming Outsourcing Solutions

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