Horse Racing Betting Software

Horse Racing Wagering software

Horse racing betting is still very popular, despite the availability of many sporting events around the globe. The race averages around 13 seconds, which provides an exciting and thrilling short time frame for the viewer. Modern-day bettors love the speed and return of horse racing. Here is why you need a Horse Racing Wagering software.

No matter if you are a novice or an experienced bookie, you can prioritize horse betting software if you want your sportsbook to grow.

We’ll be discussing how to choose the right platform for your players. Continue reading to find out what features to look for and why Pelican PPH is your best choice.

Horse Racing Wagering software: why?

Horse racing betting is a popular choice for any sportsbook. Its popularity worldwide makes it an excellent way to reach other players.

It is a billion-pound industry in the UK and a popular pastime for Japanese businessmen. You can make yourself more famous by adding sports betting to your portfolio.

Horse racing betting is also viewed differently than other betting options. You can still enjoy horse racing, even if you have no interest in baseball or football. Your client base will be expanded to include people who are interested in other areas than athletics.

Another reason to invest in Horse Racing Wagering software is the speed at which you can get your money. Horse races are extremely fast, so you don’t have to wait to find out if you should pay the winners. This will help you budget your money better in the long and short term.

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How can you choose the right software for horse racing betting?

It is important to understand what pay-per-head (PPH) technology is before you can select the best Horse Racing Wagering software for you. PPH services allow you to pay a provider according to the number of bettors that you have. The fee is around $10, but you can pay more if you need additional features.

You will get complete management from the horse-raiding pay-per-head provider in exchange for your fee. They will take care of your web maintenance, updates, security, customer support, and other tasks for you, the agent, and your bettors. They will take care of everything for you except watching the sports that interest you and making money.

This payment plan offers many benefits that other software programs simply cannot match. PPH offers more flexibility than other payment options, as you only pay for what you use. This allows your bookie business to be more flexible and gives it more potential for growth.

This fee can also be paid in many ways, including with bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. As a bookie, you have the option of keeping your identity untraceable. This option can help you keep your business safe and protect your privacy.

Decide what you value in horse racing betting.

Before you choose a Horse Racing Wagering software, think about what races you value. Will you allow people to only bet on major races? Are they going to have them place smaller, more precise bets on the speed of horses, and which moves players will make?

Some platforms offer more flexibility than others. A highly customizable platform is a must for amateur bookmakers who are just starting out. Clients will be able to place nuanced wagers on your platform, which is something that’s not possible on other platforms.

Think About How Much Support You Will Need

A pay-per-head horse betting company is essential for a new agent. It’s important to find a provider who is willing to communicate with both you and your players and help you create a user-friendly platform. While you may not have invested in high-level features, you still need to be able to use the site.

These features are more essential for experienced bookies. These features will make you stand out from the rest and keep your clients coming back for more. You will still need support around the clock and be able to access assistance frequently.

You need to consider the amount of assistance and expertise you will need. This support is vital for any bookie, regardless of their status.

How do you plan to grow?

Horse racing betting agents aren’t content with just the races. They also upgraded their platform to allow for multiple types of betting. Having a growing sportsbook allows you to attract more bettors, who can then move on to horse racing.

Look for a pay-per-head platform that can support this growth. You need to choose a service that is happy to help you with your everyday problems and communicate with clients.

Pelican PPH: Why It’s the #1 Solution for Horse Racing Betting

It is a smart decision to do some online research on the various pay-per-head horse racing options available. Pelican PPH is the best online horse betting platform.

Our platform provides the same low prices, scalability, and sustainability we discussed above. It also offers a variety of additional features, including:

  • Expert specialists offer personal account management.
  • Trust at the highest level (we don’t need to know who your clients, or you are).
  • Updated website design
  • Regular maintenance of your website and applications
  • Configuration is completely customizable.

Your platform is yours to design

Pelican PPH will help you design the website that you and your players use to manage their bets. We have many mobile-friendly templates that you can pick from, but we are also available to create a custom-made site for your needs.

Make sure it works on smartphones and tablets—this is how more than half of the people in the world access the internet!

You don’t have to maintain the site you have created. Our experts perform routine maintenance. We update your applications to keep track of the different horse races that bettors can wager on.

Transparency and communication are simple concepts

Pelican PPH will make your pay-per-head horse betting website transparent. The agent end allows you to easily view and manage your bets. These same bets will be visible and managed by your clients.

Also, communication offers more transparency. If you have one, your players will be able to contact you online. This will make it possible to answer calls and send emails 24 hours a day.

Pelican PPH offers round-the-clock telephone support. Your clients can call the center 24/7. This allows your clients to get the top-notch customer service they are looking for while you do the heavy lifting.

Security and anonymity are priorities

We already mentioned that you don’t have to tell us much about yourself. We won’t dig any deeper than that. Rest assured, we won’t go digging, either.

Pelican PPH is committed to protecting the privacy of our clients. We don’t know their identities, and we work hard to ensure that they don’t.

Online security is a top priority because horse players will have given you financial and personal information. All sites that are built using our platform have multifactor authentication.

Also, we look out for any blips in your site’s regular patterns and trends when it is working properly. This will ensure that any malware is caught in time to prevent it from causing any problems.

Horse Racing Solutions: Pay-per-Head

A pay-per-head service is the best way to become a bookie. These services offer a full-service sportsbook website that offers hundreds of thousands of odds for players to wager on.

These services provide live updates on all odds and sports from around the globe. You can also have horse racing solutions; it is possible, but you will need to find the right provider at the right price per head.

Pelican PPH is one of the top all-inclusive horse betting providers. They also offer a wide selection of horse races. Pelican PPH does not charge extra for horse racing. Instead, it is included in the per-head rate that covers all sports and horses. You will only be charged for a graded wager if you are an active player.

They offer more than 80 horse tracks in North America, Australia, and Canada. You can add other horse races from different parts of the globe to your players for no additional fee.

Players can select Horses as the tab to access all tracks for the current day. The top will display the upcoming races, along with the updated time and the list of tracks that are racing later in the day.

The feeds link to each track, and the odds for each horse are calculated based on each horse’s closing line. When a player places a horse wager, their ticket will display the amount of risk, and the winning amount will simply be 0. The odds for each horse will then be calculated using the closing line. Once the race is finished, the odds of the winning ticket being chosen will be calculated.

The option for players to place multiple types of horse wagers will be available, just like if they were actually at the track. Pelican PPH also offers a mobile website that allows players to quickly access the horse platform and place horse wagers from their smartphones. 

The horses don’t pay track odds because they are not part of the pool from which the odds are calculated. This is also for the bookies’ safety. Agents are protected from being crushed by a big underdog that wins. This is the compromise for players, as they don’t have to spend their time or money directly on a track to place their horse bets.

If you’re looking for a pay-per-head horse betting solution, give us a shout at 1-877-745-2303.

How do bookies make money on horses?

Get started (and make that money)

You now know why Pelican PPH Horse Racing Wagering software is the best pay per head for both novice and experienced bookies. This means that you can now make money at the racing tables. Also make sure to read about the Horse Racing Software for the Belmont Stakes.

Purchase your package today and receive a three-week supply of Pelican PPH. See how our expert-run platform works without any obligations. We are looking forward to speaking with you because we want to provide a custom horse betting site for you and help you maintain your agent reputation.

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