Horse Racing Betting Platform

Horse Racing Betting Platform

Mobile gambling legislation has been passed in all 50 states. This means that more people have access to the thrilling world of sports and horse racing betting. Every time a new state legalizes gambling, millions to billions of people have the opportunity to enter the betting market. It’s never been more profitable to be a bookie. So here you’ll learn all about having a horse racing betting platform.

You may be curious about how you can get your hands on horse racing. Bookkeeping is something you should try if you are interested in doing it. Betting platforms are powered by the internet and allow remote betting as well as bookkeeping.

You might be interested in learning more about horse racing betting platforms and working remotely as a bookie.

What is a betting platform?

You might have already guessed that a “betting portal” is the website or app where players place their bets. You might not know that you don’t have to be a venture capital-funded tech startup to create one. Pelican PPH is a fantastic platform for this.

Pelican PPH and other similar platforms are known as “sportsbooks” because they allow players and bookmakers to place real-time wagers. These platforms include the IT infrastructure and software. Support personnel are also available. These platforms have been simplified to make it easier for you to set up a front-end that players can use. You could be up and running in less than a day!

There are many pricing models to run a sportsbook operation. Some offers flat fees, while others have a subscription model. If you are starting this side hustle, or don’t have the capital to start a betting business, it might be difficult to pay for it. Platforms like Pelican PPH offer what’s known as a “pay-per-head” sportsbook.

Pay-Per-Head Sportsbook Benefits

Instead of paying upfront, a pay-per-head sportsbook allows you to wait until your income is actually earned. Any horse racing betting site that uses PPH software pays only when its players are active. This is specifically when they place a bet.

Let’s take Matthew as an illustration. Matthew has 100 clients who book with him for horse betting. Matthew’s operation is Pelican PPH. Matthew pays $10 for every player who places a wager that week. Matthew does not pay the $10 for those who don’t place a bet. This means that he doesn’t pay anything during off-seasons, or if a race is canceled.

Matthew can increase his monthly payment by $10 if he wants to expand his operation. However, this option is completely optional and will not affect his business.

Matthew is part of the PPH service and has a dedicated team of customer support and developers who will keep his platform updated. This support allows Matthew to make updates and improvements without ever having to do anything.

Pelican PPH Support can also be contacted if players experience technical difficulties or require support that Matthew is unable to provide. Pelican PPH support is available 24/7 to assist Matthew with any technical issues and get his website up and running again.

How to Navigate Your Horse Racing Betting Platform at Pelican PPH: Daily Operations and Setup

It is possible that you are eager to start horse racing betting, considering how simple pay-per-head sportsbooks make it. Horse racing is becoming more popular for gambling. PPH sportsbooks have low entry requirements, making it easy for casual racing fans to join the fun!

We’ll walk you through the process of setting up and managing your Pelican PPH horse betting platform. We will also be discussing the many benefits of PPH platforms.

Create a business plan

A bookie could be anything, from a side job to a business with thousands of customers. You should remember that being a bookie means running a business. Before you sign up for a computer, think about how to best address your business needs.

Since you don’t have any employees, you won’t have to worry about payroll. However, you will need to be concerned about compliance with taxes and regulations. The final decision on gambling legislation is made by the state governments. The rules differ from one state to the next. Get familiar with the gambling laws in your state before you start to draft your plan. Also, learn how much tax you can expect to pay.

Consider what you want from your business. Are you looking to make extra money through bookkeeping or to grow your business to compete with the top horse racing sites? It is also helpful to know your direct competitors and how you can expect to earn money. Be realistic and patient.

Set betting limits and write the rules of use for your horse racing betting platform

Online gambling can be thrilling, but it also comes with inherent risks. The biggest risk for an aspiring bookie is losing money. You can set betting limits on platforms like Pelican PPH.

You should consider your budget and the amount you can afford to pay. Too low limits can bore risk-taking players. However, setting your limits too high will not protect you from clean-outs. Platforms often allow you to adjust your betting limits. This is a good thing because you can make sure that regulars are not harmed by high limits.

It might be worth considering setting rules for horse racing betting platform. Make sure you are clear about your policies and the restrictions that your platform allows players to use. You should also consider banning professional gamblers, since you are an independent bookmaker.

Professional gamblers earn their living by placing large, well-placed bets. Professional gamblers will frequently place large bets well before the game begins. It is possible to ban certain methods that professional gamblers use in order to protect yourself.

Make your horse racing betting website

Your platform’s front end will be the first to greet players on race day. It is vital! Pelican PPH and similar services provide bookies with templates and a high level of customization. This gives you great flexibility to make your website stand apart from the rest.

It is important to make your website stand out, but also to keep it simple and accessible. Remember that your website’s goal is not just to look good for current visitors to keep them coming back, but to also attract new customers.

Make sure you have all the relevant information at your fingertips. Players will be attracted to news such as payouts and racing results. Keep players’ attention by making sure photos are interesting and relevant and keeping text boxes short and concise. Make sure you’re on social media for your bookie business. But remember, they are not the focal point of attention. We’ll return to social media content later.

Also, ensure that your portal is as user-friendly as possible when designing it. You should make sure significant figures such as the player’s winning bets are clear and prominent.

Market your horse racing betting platform and build a reputation

You can’t have customers without them knowing you exist. You should create social media accounts for your company if you haven’t made them yet by the time your platform goes live.

The big race is coming up. Announce on Twitter that you are taking bets! Are you looking forward to a major holiday? Enjoy a festive Facebook post to celebrate! Is a player successful in a bet? Share, re-tweet, and shout about their win!

This last example is especially important. Your business will be remembered if you have regular interactions with potential customers and players. Although you may not be able to “hook” potential customers immediately, being present can gradually convince aspiring players to try your platform. You should keep an eye on your accounts and respond to any questions. Keep your name visible!

Pelican PPH provides technical support and quality control. This support makes it nearly impossible to build a reputation as a “broken” or “buggy” platform. Your platform is protected against digital theft by anonymizing player and bookie identifiers.

You can run a horse racing betting site from your home!

The popularity of sports betting is growing rapidly, and it will only get more lucrative. Horse betting platforms that use pay-per-head software may be a cost-effective way to join this expanding market.

Try the $3 Flat Fee Pelican Pay Per Head Service

Pelican PPH is the market leader in pay-per-head sports betting. We make bookkeeping simple and easy to do with a dedicated team and top-of-the-line automation. Reach out today to learn how you can become an independent bookie!

Learn How do Bookies Make Money on Horses?

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