Have a more enjoyable Pay per Head software provider

Have a more enjoyable Pay per Head software provider

Online bookmakers face constant requests from players for new betting features. Pay per head software providers can often be slow to respond. It is impossible to predict how much this will cost agents each year.

Find the best bookie service provider.

The slow response time from pay per head software providers is due to the fact that they don’t have a dedicated team to add new features to the Bookmaker software. Instead, they rely on the software provider to release updates that may not include the desired features.

Pelican PPH is a different way to work. They not only work closely with the software provider, but also have a full-time staff consisting of web and software developers who continuously add tools and features for the betting engine.

They are able to show their superiority by investing in a quality team of engineers. The ultimate goal is to provide the best betting experience possible because happy players equal happy agents.

Studies show that consumers will spend more money if they have a positive shopping experience than if they have an unpleasant one. Gamblers are the same. The more they enjoy their gambling experience, the more likely they are to place more bets and increase the possibility of generating a higher profit.

Pelican PPH improves customer satisfaction and creates loyalty between agents and players by adding new features to the betting software.

Pelican PPH agents also benefit from the improvements to the backend. Agents can now get more out of the backend. They have access to detailed reports, weekly balances, and exposure reports. The latest feature, the wager alert, has been unveiled. These features reduce admin time by more than half and allow bookies to concentrate on the important aspects of their business, such as finding new clients.

Pay per Head software Payments

Another area where Pelican PPH excels is the payment option field. They continue to provide anonymous, fast, and secure ways for agents to pay for their services. Bitcoin has revolutionized online payments, and the pay-per-head industry is no exception. Bitcoin offers complete anonymity to both sender and recipient. This restores the privacy and discretion that were previously available only for transactions in person with cash.

Gift cards 

Gift cards are another way to pay outstanding invoices. These cards are very popular and can be purchased at most stores. They don’t require personal registration.

These are just a few of the many reasons Pelican PPH has been chosen as the best bookie to manage your online gambling company. Chat with a Pelican PPH account manager to learn more about the services offered. Take a tour of our site and see the demo. We are certain you’ll be impressed after doing this. Register today to enjoy a better betting experience.

Feel free to claim your three-week free subscription to our pay per head software today.

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