Choosing your Pay per Head (PPH) Plan

Choosing your Pay per Head Plan

Are You an Entrepreneur Looking to Establish Your Own Online Sportsbook? Are you tired of handling everything manually and want a solution that helps you manage it efficiently? Then selecting an effective pay per head (PPH) plan will be key to your success.

At Pelican PPH, we offer reliable and efficient pay per head services that can assist in running a sportsbook effortlessly. Our pay-per-head plans are tailored specifically for bookies of all sizes. In this article, we’ll go over each pay-per-head plan we offer and how you can select one that meets your specific requirements.

What is Pay Per Head (PPH)?

Pay per head (PPH) services allow bookies to outsource their sportsbook management to a third-party provider. PPH providers offer platforms that enable bookies to manage players, odds, and bets online while paying a weekly fee per active player to their sportsbook.

Select the Appropriate Pay Per Head Plan

When selecting the appropriate pay-per-head plan, there are a few key points you must keep in mind. These include your sportsbook size and number of active players, as well as any specific features you need.

At Pelican PPH, we offer three distinct pay-per-head plans designed to meet the needs of bookies of all sizes. Here is an in-depth examination of these plans:

Basic Plan

Our Basic Plan is perfect for small bookies just starting out and on a limited budget, as it comes equipped with all the basic features necessary to run their sportsbook, such as player management, risk management, and reporting tools.

Standard Plan

Our standard plan is the ideal choice for medium-sized bookies looking for more advanced features to manage their sportsbook. Incorporating all the benefits of the basic plan with additional features like live betting, mobile betting, and custom website capabilities.

Premium Plan

Our Premium Plan is tailored specifically for large bookies who have an expansive player base and require advanced features to manage their sportsbook efficiently. Incorporating all the features found in the standard plan as well as additional ones like the VIP player management system, horse racing platform, and live dealer casino.

Why Select Pelican PPH as Your Pay Per Head Provider?

Partnering with Pelican PPH offers many advantages. Here are a few compelling arguments why our service should be your top pick:

At Pelican PPH, we pride ourselves on offering reliable and efficient services that ensure the smooth running of your sportsbook. Our platform can handle high volumes of traffic without experiencing any downtime, so your players can place bets anytime, anywhere!

Customizable Platform

Our platform is fully customizable, enabling you to brand it with your logo and colors, as well as tailor it specifically to meet the needs and requirements of each of our clients.

Experienced support team

We are pleased to offer an experienced support team available 24/7 for assistance with any issues that you may encounter, from setting up your account to managing players and bets. Our knowledgeable team members can assist with everything from account setup and management to wagers placed.

Selecting a reliable and efficient pay per head plan is key to the success of any sportsbook. At Pelican PPH, we offer reliable and efficient services designed to assist bookies of any size manage their sportsbooks more easily. Our basic, standard, and premium plans all contain features designed specifically to help bookies operate more effectively! So don’t delay any longer; choose Pelican PPH today as your pay per head provider and take your sportsbook business to new heights!

How to pay your Pay-per-Head Sportsbook service?

Ready to choose a Pay per Head (PPH) Plan and take your sportsbook operation online? Look no further than PelicanPPH’s powerful online sportsbook software. Learn about the benefits of the Pay-per-Head SportsbookGet a free demo of risk-free access so you can assess the features, ask questions of our expert support team, and customize a package tailored for your goals. Unlike other providers, Pelican will also help you with website setup, and more – no hesitation required!

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