Charging your pay-per-head software

Charging your pay-per-head software

What makes sportsbook and pay-per-head software different? This isn’t an easy question. Although there is much that goes into creating a functional software system, design and coding are essential components of any great software, and I’m not a technical person or developer, so I won’t attempt to analyze the code behind the best sportsbook software for the North American market.

How can pay-per-head software help you succeed?

While strong programming skills are necessary to create great software, bookie owners need to be able to manage their online betting interests seamlessly from any location in the world. This software ensures data integrity and security. It also reduces the paper trail and provides a great experience for their customers.

Is such software available?

The answer is yes. The software used by Pelican PPH has been voted the best platform in North American pay-per-head markets. It is flexible enough to manage hundreds of line types simultaneously. The software also features automation capabilities that enable line managers to deal with every line type in fractions of seconds and with great accuracy.

Because the software is secure, wagers can be accepted online or on mobile platforms. In-house bets can also be accepted through their state-of-the-art contact center. All wagers are stored in real-time by the software, so you don’t have to worry about them getting lost.

Security is assured by recording every access, including IP addresses. Any change to an account or package is also recorded with the user and time stamp. This provides complete accountability.

This pay-per-head software has a number of great features. Agents can remotely manage their lines and make changes to players’ accounts. These changes include credit limits, wager limits, inactivating or reactivating accounts, messages for specific players, and more.

Sportsbooks are businesses, too. Information is essential. Pelican PPH software has exceptional reporting capabilities. Player balances, detailed weekly loss reports, wager reports, including deleted or modified bets, position reports, and many more are available. These reports can be created in seconds and provide up-to-the-minute information that allows agents to make informed business decisions and offers valuable insight into potential new business opportunities.

While it has not been chosen as their preferred software, there are limitations when it comes to modification. However, Pelican PPH has a close relationship with the software provider and can request that certain changes be made during major software updates.

To answer the original question, what makes a sportsbook software stand out? Its ability to empower you and your company to succeed. Having the right tools will put you one step closer.

Get the right and reputable pay-per-head software today with Pelican PPH. Pelican PPH allows you to create a sportsbook with top-of-the-line wagering software. Find out more about your best PPH site. For the latest PPH news, follow us on social media.

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