Bookies Can Now Use Cryptocurrencies Easily

Bookies Can Now Use Cryptocurrencies Easily

As former bookmakers operate Pelican PPH, the business is always looking for ways to support their clients who are online bookies. Pelican PPH’s founders and employees know what agents require. Therefore, we present you the Cryptocurrencies.

The most recent breakthrough instrument is Pelican PPH’s new payment service. Find out more details about the brand new payment method.

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Pelican PPH’s New Payment Solution

The new payment system connects players and agents. Agents can accelerate payouts. Agents are able to get money faster from players. Here are the key points of the new payment method:

Agents may make withdrawals from their layoff/billing account without having to call billing. Similar withdrawal methods and procedures as currently displayed within the payout chart located under the layoff tab of master agents are in effect.

Agents are able to receive the money from their players in the cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin)

Agents can pay players via the same cryptocurrencies.

For both pro and prime plans, player to agent or agent to agent

Agents are able to receive the deposits of their players with cryptocurrency and then send out payouts to players

The most important word is cryptocurrency. The payment method of the future can be used if both pay per head agents as well as players utilize cryptocurrency.

The benefits of switching to cryptocurrencies is massive. There are three issues to talk about with those who aren’t sure about making the switch to cryptocurrency.

Three Talking Points on Cryptocurrency

Security – Hackers have found it difficult to take cryptocurrency transactions. Hackers have a better chance of taking entire cryptocurrency accounts as opposed to stealing transactions.

Peer-to peer transactions require no intermediaries. With the latest payment option users can deposit cryptocurrency directly into their accounts.

Faster transactions: Cutting out the middleman, such as a credit card company results in faster transactions.

This also means quicker payouts. Who doesn’t want quicker payouts? The new payment method offers quicker payouts. If you cannot convince a customer that cryptocurrencies are the best option for faster payouts, you won’t be able to convince the player to make the switch.

The new payment system offers many benefits to agents they didn’t think they would needed.

First agents can collect quicker. Create a settle alert. Then, pay using an innovative payment method.

The second rule is that per head agents aren’t allowed to call billing to withdraw money.

Thirdly, cryptocurrency deposits may cause more activity due to the speed of deposits.

What are you putting off? Begin building your own business with a sportsbook using Pelican PPH Keep your business competitive by using industry-leading equipment and functions, as well as having the ability to control your own business.

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