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Bookies’ best friend is pay-per-head services

Bookies and Services at a Pay-per-Head

The days of the pen-and-paper bookie, the old-school pen-and-paper bookie, are gone. Today’s bookies have a wide range of options to support their businesses. Discover the pay-per-head services.

The number of pay-per-head services has increased dramatically due to the growth of the betting industry as well as the rapid advancements in technology. These services provide software technology that essentially runs a bookie’s entire operation.

There are many ways to do it, but here’s how price per head can help bookies:

What is the pay-per-head?

The services of “price-per-head” (or “pay-per-head”) are well-known in the sports betting industry. These companies have been able to prosper in the industry due to advances in software and internet technology.

A bookie simply pays a fee to use a variety of services that run a sportsbook. Everything, except marketing, is taken care of. Bookies have access to a variety of betting options, sharp lines, odds, banking, customer service, and many other services.

The industry standard fee for such services is $10 per person per week. A bookie would charge $10 per player if he had 110 active bettors and 100 were placing wagers during the week. This would amount to $1000.

Bookies can make their lives so much easier by using “price per head” systems.

Turnkey Solutions for Bookies

Plug-and-play online sportsbook software is one of the best features of pay-per-head services. The PPH service can provide information about a bookmaker and a list of players. Within hours, the new online sportsbook will be ready to go.

The sportsbook will be available to all punters via a fully functional, custom-designed website. They can also check the odds and see which lines are available. They can make deposits and withdraw money from their accounts.

A pay-per-head service provides everything you need to operate a sportsbook. It’s open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Betting Board at Your Price per Head

Bookies used to have to fumble around on the phones in order to find action on different sports back then. Bookies can now offer action on all major sports, as well as niche and obscure sports. You can easily become a full-time bookie.

Your sportsbook can offer every kind of prop bet, including futures and alternate lines, if you have the right price per head provider. You can draw bettors to your sportsbook, and keep existing customers.

Customer service will set you apart.

Customer service is one of the most important aspects of a pay-per-head business. This could be the piece that saves the most time for bookies.

The old-school bookies used to do everything by hand. They were always on the phone. They were placing bets and calling bettors who owed money. Bettors who had problems with a bet would call 24 hours a day to try to resolve the issue.

This is no longer true, as all bookies that use PPH have a 24/7 customer service center. Bettors can text, call, email, or even go online to contact a customer service representative.

Agents have years of experience and are well-trained. Agents are usually available 24/7, seven days per week, and every day of the calendar. No longer are bookies tied to their phones. Bookies no longer need to worry about getting paid. This service makes it easy to become the owner of a sportsbook.

Bookmakers can save a lot of time by including a customer service component in their package. You can also spend some of this time marketing your sportsbook or bringing in new players. This will only help the business grow and increase the bottom line of the bookie.

The Right PPH

You should consider a pay-per-head service if you don’t have one or if the current rate is too high. This process is similar to any major purchase. It is actually a little different because it is one of the most crucial decisions you make to ensure your bookie business succeeds.

Trusted names in the industry are important. There are many, and some have been around for years. Take a few to test it out. Many PPH services offer a free trial that lasts for two weeks. Choose the best one for you and reap the rewards.

Feel free to claim your three-week free subscription to our pay-per-head software today.

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