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NFL Mock Draft Betting: All Kidding Aside

You know how sometimes the answer is not always that clear, waiting for you to discover it? Sometimes, it even feels like it’s pulling one over you, and that is the case with using the NFL Mock Draft to bet. With so much stuff going on in sports, why would a mock event even matter? Let’s mince it out to understand it better: Sports Betting Agents would do well to introduce NFL Mock Draft into their options, and all it takes is for you to see a little further than the obvious for the truth to hit the fan.

Sports Betting Agents need to have many options because their customer base is undeniably made up of many types of customers, which they need to keep interested and satisfied. This is too obvious, but it turns out this is one of the reasons why the NFL Mock Draft should be included in the options offered. Customers take delight in drafting up dream teams using a mock situation which –as it has happened in the past with other ethereal things such as bitcoins– has now become a living, breathing “thing” that can influence the options board of a sportsbook.

What’s in a NFL Mock Draft

You might say, ok, this is just simulated player trading, why would it even make the priorities list, how do you even manage that? Basically, since just about anyone can participate, it provides an exhilarating feeling to be able to ‘draft’ players, plus a boost to the ego, and that’s what nails down the participants. But it doesn’t just stop there: it’s a very popular, tactical game that has actually become a tool widely used by serious journalists, analysts, and commentators in order to get a feel of how the public thinks, of the stuff that is out there, of reality. It helps check strategies (since nobody is the owner of the absolute truth) and even helps evaluate future trades that are about to be carried out, using info on how the players look to the public. And there are a few mockers who are quite gifted, who are generally spot on.

Yes, this simulated event has smoked out mockers who know their stuff: among the many wild-eyed, unrealistic and truly impossible predictions submitted by many, these mockers and their proven predictions have made many look upon their prognostication as enlightening, especially the powers-that-be.


Definitely, anywhere where you can find golden opinions, there are people that seek to latch onto them, and that is –apparently– the case with NFL clubs. They are paying attention to the mock draft, but they are not quite ready to accept the importance this draft seemingly has for them. But even if they are not wont to admit this interest, we can analyze and understand how these mock drafts help, how they create a sort of “survey” that feeds off the answers collected from the public without having to go out there and do the legwork. These simulated drafts help the NFL Clubs prepare for the real draft and for future trades by being informed of things that might have slipped through the grids.

Furthermore, the ever-changing entity that the NFL has become has left it with no history as such to let them look back, to check in order to know where they’re headed. Since these changes take place at such breakneck speed, they can only look forward to setting their tracks. Speed transmutation is the name of the game, and something that takes the pulse of the moment, as the mock draft, is actually quite a valuable tool. And free. And in the Offseason.

Offseason Perks

Offseason perks for bookies need to be taken advantage of, and they can come under the form of selecting a Pay Per Head provider that is knowledgeable regarding the NFL draft, that includes this in their offers to sportsbook agents, and this is where Pelican PPH comes in.

How does Pelican PPH engage sportsbooks agent customers into betting on the draft event? We actually don’t need to, since the customers or players are the ones who seek it out, who call their agents asking to wager on the NFL draft, so Pelican PPH doesn’t need to call them in. Our job is to offer them a wagering format so they can bet to their hearts’ content. Sportsbooks agencies that latch on to a PPH provider who can aid them to accept wagers on the NFL draft are sure to make good money since players love to be challenged on selections made by NFL clubs… and yes, you guessed it: this is the part where the mock drafts come in huge.

So seek us out. Do it. At Pelican PPH, we’re always a step ahead.

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