Are pay-per-head services safe

Are Pay-per-Head Services safe?

The pay-per-head services industry provides betting platforms to agents in order to book action from different gamblers. But are pay-per-head services safe?

These PPH services offer a complete sportsbook website that offers thousands of betting options. They then update the odds every 24 hours and 7 days.

How do you start with your Pay-per-head services?

These services offer secure and safe websites that players and agents can use to place wagers on different sporting events. These services do not share personal information with other agencies or companies. Most sites require only a telephone number or email to contact them. No other personal information is required. Because this industry is very sensitive, we all want to keep our clients’ information as private and secure as possible.

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Are Pay-per-head services save?

Because people gamble with real money, all websites are encrypted to be secure. There are many servers in the world that are used to make sure sites don’t crash or get hacked. It is important that they sign up for a pay-per-head service to ensure they adhere to the required protocols to protect their website.


Once you have found the right pay-per-service model for your needs, the sky’s the limit on how much you can make from being a bookie. The amount of money you make over the long term will depend on a few things. How many players you have, how often they wager per day or week, and how much each player bets on an average daily basis will all impact how much money you make.

You won’t become a millionaire overnight if there are only 2 players who bet $50 per game and 1 player who plays every day. You can still make a few hundred dollars per week from these players. But if you have thirty active players who bet $50 per game for one day each, then you can easily make a few thousand dollars a week from the overall losses of your players.

You will make more money as an agent if you have more players who bet more frequently. Every bettor is different, so it is important that you diversify your portfolio and get as many players as possible.


Word of mouth is the best way to safely grow your bookie business. Simply reach out to all your friends, family members, schoolmates, and coworkers. You will gain more customers the more you tell people about your website. The Pelican PPH service can help you make more money by booking sports action.

Your software with the best Pay per Head

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