Advantages using Pelican PPH

Advantages of using Pelican PPH

Here is why you’ll benefit from using Pelican PPH:

There are numerous gambling options.

Why should you only offer local sports betting when you can offer betting on international sports at an international level? Sports bookie software provides betting odds for various sports leagues at the local and international levels. Having a variety of betting options for sports will increase the number of players you have. Are you aware of what this means? It’s a sign of more profit!


In this business, it is crucial to protect your privacy. That’s why the program works on your own private website. In turn, you can allow players to use the ability to access the accounts they have created online.

Because gamblers place bets on the Internet and are able to place bets online, their data is secure. This means you are able to minimize the risk of data and internet theft.

Installation is simple

Pelican PPH products are preconfigured. It reduces the time delays that result from long settings and configurations.

With the preconfigured bookie software, you can launch your online gambling business in a matter of minutes. All you have to do is import players and set up their profiles. This includes access limits for credit and more.

Certain software applications offer the tools you require to manage your sportsbook. Additionally, they have call centers and a website to handle the daily aspects of bookmaking. Furthermore, you can access your software easily by establishing an account on which customers have access to the website where they can place bets.


Prior to now, the bookmaker kept track of each bet placed manually. If a bookie was dealing with many customers, they’d need more time to run their bets and decipher the fluctuating odds. A bookie would also be required to track the big wins and losses as well. 

However, with this program, it is possible to manage everything from line setting to payments and deposits effortlessly. With this program, the bookie does not have to think about new clients or earn cash! 


With Pelican PPH program, all you need to have is internet access as well as a browser. It’s compatible with a variety of devices across the globe, making the use of this program simple.

If your sportsbook is constantly open, your customers will be able to make use of their accounts at any time they’d like. This helps to grow your business rapidly. It also helps you to dedicate more time to searching for more participants. This means that commitment and availability will result in an increase in income. 

Tracking Management

Pelican PPH software will assist you in managing and tracking your players. Instead of keeping data on paper, you are able to keep track of things using the program. 

There is no need to wait for the information you require to manage your sportsbook. You can access the data at any time and easily. 

Utilizing the program for monitoring and controlling an individual’s actions is simple. This is due to the fact that every recording is created, reviewed, and saved electronically.

Live betting

Every sportsbook should offer live betting. The unique feature boosts the amount of betting available during the game. The excitement grows with an audible and clear signal provided by the latest technology and audible sound.

Gamblers should look out for this wonderful feature and select betting websites. They offer betting in-game with superb reception. The feature also minimizes the risk of betting on a scam, and the live telecast broadcasts the live action.

Casino Online

Reliable bookie-betting software incorporates an online casino into the program. It should include a variety of casino games online that are offered by an online gambling solution. It makes it simple for players to get access to casino games such as baccarat, blackjack, poker and many more.

Racebook Wagering Platform

Racebook wagering is an additional fantastic feature. The software should include an online wagering platform that is reliable and fully functional. It also has anti-hack and firewall features to safeguard information and data to ensure that it does not fall into the improper hands. Also, it should include data mirroring in order to keep your data safe, especially when the system is down. 

Mobile Friendly

Pelican PPH’s booking software should offer betting apps for smartphones. With devices like tablets and iPhones, as well as other devices, punters can browse the site easily. Through an internet connection as well as a smartphone, players are able to bet from anywhere and at any time!

How do you choose the right software for bookstores?

A bookmaker’s software that supports sportsbooks will offer a variety of betting options for online players. Selecting the right betting type will trigger an increase in activity. This means that betting more often means more money and revenue for your company.

Your business is vital, but payouts are equally important. You must ensure that this function is available to your clients in a timely manner.

The software must perform administrative and accounting tasks, which could affect the performance of your program. Therefore, you are able to focus on the main task of increasing the number of gamblers.

Make use of Pelican PPH to manage your Bookie Software needs.

The benefits of using software like this can enhance your pay-per-head company. It can also aid you in competing against larger corporations.

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